Weight controller


Vertical feeding balance of versatile which allows easily its installation in vertical packers.

  • Friendly interface
  • HBM load cell
  • RS485 Communication port with MODBUS ASCII protocol

Fact Sheet

Its versatile design allows to easily install in vertical packers. The technology incorporated ensures an elevated weighing precision and feeding with the control packer and adjustment of the filling process in real time. Includes a dual tire system to insert the controlled product in the line or expel those which are found out of range the scheduled weight.

Belonging to the PENTAFLEX family products, this system allows to associate and complement with the FLEXANULAR detector line and employ the rejection system to set aside the product due to metallic pollution.

Weighing range 100 to 1500 grs
Accuracy* +/- 2 grs (*)
Maximum production 40/60 unit/min
Maximum package width 200/300 mm
Maximum package height 200 mm
Working temperature 0 to 50 Cº
IP Protection IP-54 (optional IP-65)
Termination Blasted Stainless steel AISI 304
Supply voltage 1x220V / 50Hz
Required air pressure 4 kg/cm2
Display and command Display LCD 2x16 caracteres | Teclado de membrana de 8 teclas

* Final operating accuracy will depend on product weight and production speed.

Platform width (PW) 200 | 300 mm
Entry height (EH) min. 400 mm
Output height (OH) min. 200 mm

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