Quality Policy

Our 6 principles

As a manufacturer of technological solutions for the industry, we compromise to supply in-house designed products which are based on the application of the latest available technologies in the market. To this effect, the management establishes the following principles.

1. Maintain and improve a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 regulations which ensure the compliance of the suitable requirements and considers programs for continuous improvement.

2. Continue with the policy of enhancing human resources and its skills, ensuring a comfortable work environment.

3. Concentrate the efforts in the investigation, innovation, development and merchandising of products and services which guarantee the company greater productivity and sustainability.

4. Support our equipment and projects providing after sales assistance in time and form.

5. Reinforce the presence in the international market maintaining the leadership in the national market.

6. Applying the experience gained to provide advice in the optimal application of our products to satisfy the requirements of each client respecting his technological confidentiality.Inspire everyone who builds up Penta the responsibility to know and respond with performance consistent with this policy.

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