Combined Systems


The most compacted and economic option of the market for a wide product control down the line.

  • A design which combines metal detectors and dynamic weighing in the same transporter with the command interface and common rejection system
  • Command interface through a touch screen
  • Software for statistic production control and report generation
  • Multiple available rejection systems
  • Maximum saving space in the plant
  • Less investment requirement
  • Minor spare stock and maintenance requirements

Fact Sheet

CW 450L - CW 600L
CW 700M -CW 900M
CW 900P - CW 1200P
Weighing range (Kgs) 0 to 4 kgs 4 to 10 kgs 10 to 50 kgs
Accuracy (grs)* +/- 2 to 5grs (*) +/- 5 to 10 grs (*) +/- 10 to 50 grs (*)
Max Production (Unit/Min) 90/60 60/40 40/30
Width “L” (mm) 190-240-290-390 400-600 400-600
Lengths “A” (mm) 450-600 700-900 900-1200
Screen Height (mm) 1300 1300 1300
High window detector (mm) 100-150-200-250 200-250-300-350 300-350-400-450
Detector window width (mm) 200-350-500 500-650 500-650
Working temperature (Cº) 0º to 50º C
IP Protection IP-54 (optional IP-65)
Termination Blasted Stainless steel AISI 304
Supply voltage 3x380V / 50 Hz
Required air pressure 4kg/cm2
Conveyor belt continuous - sanitary
Display and command 8" TACTILE Display (color)

(*) Final operational accuracy will depend on product weight and production speed.

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